X-rated $20 Aldi item leaves shoppers shocked: ‘Really?’

Shoppers in Australia were left shocked after discovering an X-rated item being sold at Aldi for only $20. The item in question, a “Love Box”, was spotted by a shopper in the discount supermarket chain’s store in Adelaide.

The Love Box is a novelty item that contains a variety of items designed to spice up the bedroom. It includes items such as a feather tickler, a blindfold, handcuffs and massage oil. The box also contains a “romantic game” which is described as “a naughty twist on the classic card game”.

The shopper who spotted the item was surprised to find it in an Aldi store. She posted a photo of the Love Box on social media, with the caption “Really?”. The post quickly went viral, with many people commenting on the unexpected find.

The Love Box has since been removed from Aldi’s shelves, but it has caused a stir among shoppers. Some have praised Aldi for providing a more affordable option for those looking to spice up their love life, while others have criticised the retailer for selling such an item in a family-friendly store.

A spokesperson for Aldi Australia said that the Love Box was “a mistake” and that it had been removed from stores. They added that Aldi takes customer feedback seriously and would take steps to ensure similar items are not stocked in future.

It seems that shoppers will have to look elsewhere for their X-rated items, as Aldi won’t be stocking them any time soon. But for those who were lucky enough to get their hands on the Love Box, it certainly made for an unexpected surprise.

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