Watch: Rishi Sunak dodges Piers Morgan's questions on his 'stinking' wealth

Rishi Sunak dodged quite a few questions thrown at him by Piers Morgan on how “stinking rich” he really is. The prime minister sat down with the TalkTV broadcaster for a special episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored at Downing Street. During the interview, Sunak was asked by Morgan: “How rich are you? I mean, in the spirit of transparency, are you a billionaire?” A seemingly uncomfortable Sunak nervously laughed off the questions, saying he was “not going to get into that.” “What matters is not how much is in my bank account, but what matters is my values,” he said. Sign up to our breaking news email alerts here Read More Piers Morgan to join Rupert Murdoch’s new TV channel TalkTV Piers Morgan claims next TV job is ‘bigger than Good Morning Britain’ ITV ‘vigorously defended’ Piers Morgan in Ofcom probe over Meghan

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