Watch a Fleeing Suspect’s Cadillac Barely Miss an Oncoming Train

On Monday, August 17th, a fleeing suspect in a Cadillac Escalade had a close call with an oncoming train in Texas. The incident took place in the small town of Gainesville, located about an hour north of Dallas.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was fleeing from police in the Escalade when they drove onto the railroad tracks. As they were crossing, they were met with a speeding train that was heading in the opposite direction. The train was unable to stop in time and narrowly missed the Cadillac.

The incident was captured on video by a local resident who was driving nearby. The video shows the train coming to a sudden stop as it approaches the Cadillac, which is still crossing the tracks. The train honks its horn in warning, but the driver of the Escalade continues on, seemingly unaware of the danger they are in. The train manages to stop just inches away from the car, and the suspect is able to make it across the tracks safely.

The police were able to apprehend the suspect shortly after the incident. It is unclear what charges the suspect is facing, but it is likely that they will be facing multiple counts of fleeing from police and reckless driving.

This incident serves as a reminder of why it is so important to obey traffic laws and be aware of your surroundings at all times. It was only through sheer luck that the suspect was able to make it across the tracks before the train could reach them. It could have easily been a much more tragic outcome.

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