Vishal Kapur, CEO of Chicago Pizza proudly receives Best Franchiser Award 2022

Sneha Nair, exclusively interviews Founder and CEO of Chicago Pizza Vishal Kapur as he talks about achieving great heights and being the No.1 choice in India, today.

Chicago Pizza proudly takes home the “Best Franchise Award” 2022 at the 18th edition of the Awards for Excellence in Franchising and Business Development. Its headquarters in New Delhi, this pizza brand has earned itself many pats on the back for its commendable journey only towards a gradual yet steady upscale climb.

With over a hundred franchises in different locations across India, Chicago Pizza takes pride in being one of the top picks among foodies, especially the pizza loyalists. A mouth-watering spread of in house sauces paired with various combinations of fresh toppings is something customers can’t resist. A great deal of consideration and efforts go into studying the flavors of the Indian delish to offer the best experience coupled with a keen sense of responsibility while maintaining the essence of the origin – Naples, Italy.

The experience at Chicago Pizza doesn’t just end at the quality of the food. To achieve high customer satisfaction, the brand introduced new ways to personalize every request, thus opening doors to a warmer and healthier customer relationship. The staff takes pride to be associated with a brand that was a pioneer in stirring things around in the restaurant business. This Pizzeria was the first one to bring out the concept of a large slice, cut from an 18 inch pie. In light of personalisation, customers enjoyed the freedom to choose their own sauces and toppings to adhere to their personal preferences, thus changing the wind around customisation in a resto setting.

CEO Vishal Kapur says, “Customer satisfaction is always a top priority. They make the best judge, we are here to serve them. We conducted extensive research to understand the different flavors, their quality, and their texture. We had to make sure that in Indian-ising our recipes, we are not losing the tradition of its origin. We had to maintain an ideal balance between the two complex varieties. We’ve come so far in our data management today; it has helped us gain insight into our customers’ preferences, tastes and food habits. It’s helped us build a closer network and bring home a fraternity of pizza lovers.”

Chicago Pizza in India has a wide array of strategic locations across the country. From 40 plus Chicago Pizza outlets in Delhi NCR, and most cities of Uttar Pradesh covered, the Brand has made its debut in in not just metros like Mumbai but to tier III cities in Bihar to Guwahati. While every city has its own deliberate placement, it’s no surprise that they all have garnered a wide fan base; a large crowd of pizza hungry foodies, thronging the doors of Chicago Pizza.

Like the employees like to say “If it’s pizza, it’s Chicago Pizza”.

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