Stock market today: Live updates

The stock market is a volatile place, with prices changing every minute. Today is no different, as the market is experiencing a roller coaster of highs and lows. Here’s a look at the latest stock market updates and what investors need to know.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up more than 200 points today, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite both up as well. Tech stocks are leading the way, with Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon all posting gains. Energy stocks, however, are lagging, with oil prices dropping as traders worry about a potential supply glut.

In other news, the US Federal Reserve is expected to announce an interest rate decision later today. Analysts are predicting that the Fed will keep rates unchanged, which could give the stock market a boost.

In Europe, the European Central Bank is meeting today to discuss the region’s economic outlook. Traders are expecting the ECB to announce new stimulus measures, which could help support the European stock markets.

Meanwhile, in Asia, the Chinese stock market is closed today for a public holiday. However, other Asian markets are trading higher, with the Nikkei 225 in Japan up more than 1%.

Overall, it’s been a volatile day in the stock market, but investors should keep an eye on the news for further updates. The Fed’s decision later today could have a significant impact on the markets, so stay tuned for more news.

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