Sponsors and Organizers Shine in Celebrating Top Businesses at Successful Caz Brain Business Awards” Know the team behind the scenes

News Correspondent Krishna witnessed an outstanding success and recognition of exceptional MSMEs in India at The CAZ Brain Business Excellence Awards held on February 19th, 2023 at The HSR Club in Bangalore. The event was trending top 5 on Twitter

M. Satish Reddy, Praful Billore & Architect Neha Chopra were the chief guests of the Caz Brain Business Award powered by House of Delici, Rvieo, GMS Aviation Training Institute, Propartyghar & New Arch Studio.

M. Satish Reddy, an Indian politician and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, holds a seat in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. His constituency is Bommanahalli, located in Bangalore Urban district.

The brand known as MBA CHAI WALA has gained an iconic status for its offerings of piping hot tea and delicious snacks that come with a message of inspiration, encouraging customers to carve out their own unique identities. The cafe chain is known for its combination of motivational and spicy elements, and has been rapidly expanding throughout India.

New Arch Studio, a renowned Architecture & Interior Designing Company in India, Designing Dreams For Tomorrow’s Heritage.
Savita Arogya Dham, a hospital located in Guwahati, is the latest project to be added to the company’s impressive portfolio. With over a decade of professional experience and the successful integration of designs that cover more than 3 million sq. ft., the company has previously undertaken projects such as the President’s house – Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi and KidZania India, which is co-owned by Shahrukh Khan.

The House of Delici, or HOD, is a renowned independent air bar and kitchen located in Bhopal, India. Since its inception in 2022, it has become a popular dining spot known for its welcoming atmosphere, diverse food and beverage options, and energetic vibe. HOD’s success can be attributed to its adaptable and innovative approach that celebrates diverse cultures while maintaining its unique brand identity. As one of the top air bar and kitchen concepts in India, HOD promises its customers a memorable dining experience.

GMS Aviation Training Institute is a company that aims to improve job skills and development at a reasonable cost. The company believes that the progress of its students’ careers is crucial for both their personal growth and the company’s brand. GMS has made significant contributions to various sectors, including Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Retail, and more, through its services. The company’s focus on enhancing customer service, experience, and operational efficiency has resulted in a positive impact in these areas.

The company,, is a full-service provider that offers a range of services including property selection, sales & acquisition, property management, rental management and exit formalities. They have recently launched a new offering for the year 2023, which provides the opportunity for buyers to own holiday homes in two of the most popular tourist destinations in India – Goa and Kasauli. The properties offer the perfect blend of beach beauty and mountain serenity, allowing owners to enjoy their own vacation homes while earning rental income when not in use. The investment starts at 15 Lac and provides an annual ROI of up to 12%, with 10 days annual stay in the property.

Pro Party Ghar was founded with the vision of providing Indians with all the event-related services they need in one place, at a budget-friendly cost. Their goal is to make every event unforgettable, providing all the necessary services conveniently from a single platform.

Vishwanand Srivastava is the Founder and CEO of Caz Brain Pvt Ltd, a software solutions company based in Kolkata West Bengal. In 2019, he started Caz Brain Pvt Ltd, which was later selected for incubation at IIT Patna.

Caz Brain Pvt Ltd provides a range of business solutions for startups, including company registration, business loans, software solutions, apps, websites, and digital marketing. The company has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to the IT sector by the Governor of Rajasthan.

Biyas Mukherjee, a professional with extensive experience in the software development industry, currently serves as the Co-Founder and COO of Caz Brain Pvt Ltd.

In 2019, Biyas made the decision to join Caz Brain Pvt Ltd, which has since been recognized for its innovative solutions and selected for incubation at IIT Patna. Her knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in the company’s success and have contributed to its continued growth and expansion.

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