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Scientists have recently used artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the nature of thousands of new cosmic objects. The team of researchers, led by Dr. Christopher Conselice from the University of Nottingham, used a deep learning technique to analyze the data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES).

The DES is an astronomical survey that has been collecting images of the sky since 2013. By using the AI, the team was able to more quickly and accurately identify the nature of the objects in the images than traditional methods.

The AI was trained to recognize the various types of objects in the images, including stars, galaxies, and quasars. By recognizing these objects, the team was able to gain valuable insight into the structure of the universe.

The AI was also able to detect objects that had not been seen before. In particular, the team was able to identify a large number of faint, distant galaxies that had not been seen before. This discovery could help scientists better understand the evolution of galaxies and the universe.

The AI was also able to identify objects that had previously been mistaken for stars. This could help astronomers better understand the nature of these objects and learn more about how they form and evolve.

The team’s research is an important step forward in the use of AI for astronomical research. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way astronomers study the universe and could lead to new discoveries.

The team’s research was recently published in the journal Nature Astronomy. The researchers hope that their work will help to further the use of AI in astronomy and open up new possibilities for exploration.

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