Republican Florida representative duped into reading rude fakes names during meeting

A Republican representative for Florida was left red-faced after he was tricked into reading rude fake names out loud in a meeting. Will Robinson Junior, who represents Florida’s 71st district, was leading a House Civil Justice Subcommittee meeting, when suspicious names such as ‘Anita D***’ and ‘Holden Hisc***’ came up. By the time he got to the third name, which was simply ‘Jimmy’, Robinson caught on. “Committee does meet again next week! Anita and Holden, please stop by!”, he later wrote on Twitter, acknowledging the joke. Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Mississippi meteorologist prays as worrying tornado news comes in on live TV Biden calls out Canadian MPs who didn’t applaud female Cabinet members during speech Police officer gets hit by car while trying to stop suspect from escaping

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