Progress Report: America’s Schools

The state of America’s schools has been a hot-button issue for decades, and a recent progress report shows a mixed bag of results. The report, compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics, shows that while there has been significant progress in some areas, there are still many areas that need improvement.

The report shows that overall, the number of students graduating from high school has increased from 80 percent in 2000 to 87 percent in 2018. This is good news, as it indicates that more students are graduating and are better prepared for college and the workforce. However, there are still disparities between racial and ethnic groups, with white students graduating at a higher rate (92 percent) than their black (83 percent) and Hispanic (83 percent) peers.

The report also shows that while math scores have improved since 2000, reading scores have remained stagnant. This is concerning, as reading is an important skill that students will need to succeed in college and in the workforce. Additionally, there are still large gaps between student performance in different states.

Finally, the report shows that the number of students attending schools with high poverty rates has increased. This is concerning, as students in these schools often lack the resources and support needed to succeed.

Overall, the report paints a mixed picture of America’s schools. While there has been some progress in certain areas, there is still much work to be done. It is important that policymakers and educators continue to focus on increasing graduation rates, improving reading scores, and reducing the disparities between student performance in different states. Additionally, they must ensure that students in high poverty schools have the resources and support they need to succeed.

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