NFL Owner Jerry Jones’ Latest Scandal Is a Doozy

Even by NFL standards, Jerry Jones’ latest scandal seems purpose-made for the tabloids. Last week, the president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys was sued by a 25-year-old woman who claims Jones is her biological father — and that he paid her mother $375,000 to keep quiet about it. Jones’ rap of abrasive and lascivious moments is long. He disregarded the league’s revenue-sharing agreement while striking his own sponsorship deals; has shown up in racy photographs with strippers; and kept an executive on the payroll for six years after he was caught allegedly filming cheerleaders changing in their locker room — and after he took “upskirt photos” of Jones’ own daughter in 2015. But Jones is also immensely successful, having turned the Cowboys into the world’s most valuable sports franchise (at an estimated $6.5 billion). The question is, does Jones get too much of a pass from fans, players, and the news media?

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