My Son Would Die, Gurugram Woman, Locked In For 3 Years,Told Cops

A woman from Gurugram, India, who had been locked in her home for three years, has finally been rescued after she told police that her son would die if she didn’t get help.

The woman, in her late 50s, was locked in her home by her husband, who was allegedly an alcoholic and had been abusing her for years. She had no contact with the outside world and was denied food and medical care. She had been living in fear and desperation, and her son, who was also living with her, was in danger of dying.

The woman was finally rescued after she managed to get in touch with the police by writing a letter and giving it to a passerby. When the police arrived, they found her in a state of shock and her son in a critical condition.

The woman and her son were taken to a hospital where they were treated for their medical conditions. The police have arrested the woman’s husband and are investigating the case.

This is a heartbreaking story and a reminder of the violence and abuse that many women face in India. It is also a reminder that despite the progress made in India in recent years, there is still a long way to go in terms of protecting the rights of women and ensuring their safety.

We hope that this woman and her son will receive the justice they deserve and that this case will help to raise awareness about the plight of women in India.

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