Martin Lewis issues warning to anyone who uses a debit card

Martin Lewis, one of the UK’s leading consumer finance experts, has issued a warning to anyone who uses a debit card.

In a recent interview, Lewis warned that debit cards are not as secure as people think, and that they can be used to commit fraud. He said that criminals can easily access information such as bank account numbers, pin numbers, and other personal details from a debit card.

Lewis also warned that if someone’s debit card is stolen or lost, the thief could use it to purchase goods and services without the cardholder’s knowledge. He said that it is important to always be vigilant and keep track of where your debit card is at all times.

Lewis also suggested that people who use debit cards should consider getting a credit card instead. He said that credit cards offer more protection against fraud, as they require the cardholder to enter a pin number or sign a receipt.

Lewis’s warning comes at a time when debit card fraud is on the rise in the UK. According to figures from the UK Cards Association, debit card fraud losses in the UK reached a record high of £451 million in 2017.

Lewis’s advice is clear: if you use a debit card, be vigilant and keep track of where it is at all times. Consider getting a credit card instead for added protection against fraud.

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