Magic Eraser is coming to all Pixel users and Google One subscribers on Android and iOS

Google has announced a new feature coming to Pixel users and Google One subscribers on both Android and iOS. The new feature, called Magic Eraser, is an AI-powered tool that helps users quickly remove unwanted objects from photos.

Magic Eraser uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and remove unwanted objects from photos. The tool can detect objects such as people, trees, buildings, cars, and more. Once detected, the user can simply tap the object to remove it from the photo. The tool can also be used to remove blemishes and other imperfections from photos.

In addition to being able to remove unwanted objects from photos, Magic Eraser can also be used to enhance photos. It can be used to adjust the brightness and contrast of photos, as well as to apply filters and other effects. The tool also has a “Magic Brush” feature, which can be used to apply effects to specific areas of a photo.

Google has also announced that Magic Eraser will be available to all Google One subscribers. This means that users who have subscribed to Google One will be able to access the tool on both Android and iOS devices.

Google has stated that Magic Eraser is currently in beta, and that the company is working on adding more features and improving the tool’s performance. The company also plans to make the tool available to more users in the future.

Magic Eraser is sure to be a welcome addition for Pixel users and Google One subscribers. The tool’s AI-powered capabilities make it an invaluable tool for quickly and easily removing unwanted objects from photos. With the addition of Magic Eraser, Pixel users and Google One subscribers now have access to an even more powerful photo editing tool.

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