Macrae Adds Three Recruiters, Expanding Presence Across Markets – Business Wire

Macrae, a global leader in recruitment services, announced today that it has added three new recruiters to its team. With the addition of the new recruiters, Macrae is expanding its presence across multiple markets, including the US and Europe.

The new recruiters, who are based in London, New York and Los Angeles, bring a wealth of experience to Macrae. The team is led by Richard Macrae, who has over 25 years of recruitment experience. He is joined by two other experienced recruiters, Jamie Smith and David Brown.

The new recruiters will be responsible for identifying and recruiting talented professionals in the technology, finance and healthcare sectors. They will also be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with clients, as well as managing the recruitment process from start to finish.

The new recruiters will be working closely with the existing Macrae team to ensure that the recruitment process is efficient and effective. They will be responsible for ensuring that the recruitment process is tailored to the individual needs of each client and that the candidate is the right fit for the role.

Macrae is committed to providing the highest quality of recruitment services to its clients. With the addition of the new recruiters, Macrae is now able to provide a more comprehensive service to its clients across multiple markets.

The new recruiters are expected to help Macrae expand its presence across the US and Europe, and will be instrumental in helping the company achieve its goal of becoming the leading recruitment provider in the world.

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