Housing market once again braces for higher mortgage rates—where 8 experts see rates going this year

The housing market is once again bracing for higher mortgage rates as the Federal Reserve continues to raise rates. With the Fed’s decision to increase rates three times in 2018, mortgage rates have risen to their highest level in seven years. This has caused a slowdown in the housing market, as buyers are having to adjust to higher monthly payments.

The question now is where will mortgage rates go this year? To answer this question, we asked eight experts to weigh in on their predictions.

The consensus among the experts was that mortgage rates will continue to rise in 2019. Most of the experts predicted that mortgage rates will reach 5.5% by the end of the year. This would be the highest level since 2011.

However, some experts believe that the Fed’s rate hikes may have already hit their peak. They predict that mortgage rates will level off and not rise above 5.5% this year.

The experts also noted that the housing market is still strong, despite the rise in mortgage rates. They pointed to the low unemployment rate, strong job growth, and low inventory as reasons why the housing market should remain strong.

One expert noted that the rising mortgage rates could actually benefit the housing market in the long run. He argued that higher mortgage rates could lead to more responsible borrowing and more sustainable home prices.

Overall, the experts agree that mortgage rates will continue to rise in 2019. However, they also noted that the housing market should remain strong, despite the higher rates.

It remains to be seen how the housing market will respond to higher mortgage rates. But with the experts predicting rates to reach 5.5% by the end of the year, it’s clear that the housing market will have to adjust to the new normal.

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