Chugach State Park has been ‘loved to death.’ A ballot proposition aims to tackle longstanding problems.

Chugach State Park is one of Alaska’s most beloved outdoor destinations, but it has been “loved to death” in recent years. The park’s infrastructure has been overwhelmed by the increasing number of visitors, leading to overcrowding, littering, and other issues. In response, a ballot proposition has been proposed to help address these longstanding problems.

The ballot proposition, which will appear on the ballot in November, would dedicate $50 million of the state’s general fund to Chugach State Park. This money would be used to improve the park’s infrastructure, including roads, trails, and parking lots. Additionally, the funds would be used to expand and improve campgrounds, picnic areas, and other amenities.

The ballot proposition would also fund the hiring of additional park rangers and other staff members to help manage the park and ensure that visitors abide by the rules. This would help reduce overcrowding, noise, and other issues that have been caused by the park’s popularity.

The ballot proposition has been met with support from both local and state officials. Governor Mike Dunleavy has expressed his support for the proposition, saying that it will help ensure that Chugach State Park is “enjoyed responsibly and sustainably.”

The ballot proposition is part of a larger effort to protect and preserve Chugach State Park for future generations. The money from the general fund would provide a much-needed boost to the park’s infrastructure, allowing it to better accommodate the increasing number of visitors. It would also provide additional resources to help ensure that the park is managed responsibly and sustainably.

For those who love and appreciate Chugach State Park, the ballot proposition presents an opportunity to ensure that the park will remain a beloved outdoor destination for years to come. Voting “yes” on the ballot proposition will help ensure that the park is protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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