Birthday surprise – but not a good one by BlinkiT

By Sneha Nair

You might want to reconsider whom you continue shopping with. Blink it and happiness ruined.

Birthday boy Rajveer (RV) was enjoying a series of little gifts on Saturday, 23rd April when he received a bundle of surprises. A bag full of sweet goodies was handed to him by a stubborn delivery lad who walked away, inspite of the former refusing to accept the order as he could see the icecream & chocolate were melted and some had spilt over the other products too.
RV had been accepting surprise gifts sent by friends through various apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. One such parcel which contained icecream, chocolates, cookies, aroma candles, etc was a huge disappointment with its contents leaking in the bag. RV refused to accept the order, but the delivery lad adamantly handed over the parcel and walked off. When RV contacted Customer Support for help, the team wasted over two hours of the birthday boy’s busy day over a rally of phone calls with different agents, only to later refuse a refund. While they agreed to replace the melted icecream but the replacement received was in much worse condition and once again melted icecream was handed over which soiled the recipient’s floor. After several attempts, Pratishtha from BlinkiT finally managed to arrange for a replacement, although the struggle took away all joy of receiving the package.
Reading their previous Reviews BlinkIt has disappointed its customers earlier, too, and yet, the brand refuses to budge from its tall statement of innocence. Sneha has rightly penned down details on this incident and is on the lookout for any further unreported mishaps.

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