Aussie motorist slammed over gobsmacking act with Woolworths shopping haul

Aussie motorists have been slammed for their gobsmacking act of taking advantage of Woolworths’ free delivery service.

The incident occurred at a Woolworths store in Melbourne, Australia, where a motorist was seen loading their car with a massive haul of shopping, including dozens of boxes of cereal.

The motorist, who was not identified, was seen loading the car with the items in broad daylight, and it was reported that the Woolworths staff were not happy with the act.

The incident has caused outrage on social media, with many questioning why the motorist felt the need to take advantage of the free delivery service.

Woolworths has since issued a statement condemning the act, saying that it was not in line with the company’s values. They also said that they were looking into the incident and would take appropriate action.

The incident is a reminder that while free delivery services can be convenient, they should not be abused. It is important to remember that Woolworths is a business, and that taking advantage of their services without paying for them is not acceptable.

It is also important to remember that Woolworths staff work hard to ensure that customers have a good experience, and it is not fair to take advantage of them.

Overall, this incident serves as a reminder to be respectful and mindful of the services that businesses provide, and to use them responsibly.

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