Atal Gaurav Award Honors top individuals for contribution towards the society. K V sharmaji, Chitresh Sharma ji among big names

News correspondent Priya Sharma from TimesNowBusiness withnessed the Atal Gaurav Award Press Conference held on February 4th, 2023.

Bhopal, India – The Atal Gaurav Award Press Conference held on February 4th, 2023, witnessed the recognition of individuals who have made outstanding contributions in various fields. The Atal Gaurav Award is a foundation that recognizes individuals in sports, social service, business, environment, and animal service.

Eminent names from different sectors were present to receive the award at Bhopal LNCT College. The chief guest of honor, Architect Neha Chopra, a renowned celebrity architect, graced the red carpet along with other awardees, including Chitresh Sharma, Dr. Surendra Delhiwal, Edna Sharma, Reena Nishad, Renu Seth, Om Prakash Awasthi, and KV Sharma.

February 4th, 2023, witnessed a heartwarming surprise for Architect Neha Chopra. Ms. Chopra, who was also one of the awardees for her outstanding work in the field of architecture, was pleasantly surprised to celebrate her birthday with many kids from the Special Olympics MP.

The kids from the Special Olympics MP were overjoyed to be a part of the ceremony and thrilled to be able to celebrate Architect Neha Chopra’s birthday.

Chitresh Sharma, who was awarded for his outstanding performance in sports, expressed his gratitude towards the foundation and thanked them for recognizing his efforts. Dr. Surendra Delhiwal was awarded for his excellence in the medical field, and Edna Sharma and Reena Nishad were felicitated for their outstanding contribution to sports. Renu Seth, who was also honored for her work in the medical field, was grateful to the foundation for acknowledging her efforts in the healthcare industry. Om Prakash Awasthi and KV Sharma were also awarded for their remarkable achievements in sports.

Award ceremony was gracefully inaugurated with ganesh vandana dance by Smity Aditya, an international kathak Artist deployed to Uzbekistan by ministry of external affairs, govt of India to promote Indian culture overseas for 4 years. In Uzbekistan. Not only she was flawless in her dance but also a mc to take us through the event.

The Atal Gaurav Award foundation aims to encourage and recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to society. Even though the management of the event organisers was very mediocre & not upto the mark but the ceremony witnessed the acknowledgment of outstanding individuals who have made remarkable efforts in their respective fields.

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