Abhanga Ratna Guru Shri Ganesh Kumar applauds LIOTA’s training in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Vocal music

This coverage is based on the interview conducted by TimesNowBusiness news correspondent Priya Sharma.

On being conferred with the award of  “SWARA LAAVANYAM” by Smt Shashi Ramesh and Shri Sivaprasad NN of LIOTA (Laavanya Institute of Traditional Arts) at a grand Arts and Awards ceremony, Shri Ganesh Kumar expressed the tenacity and dedication of the teachers of LIOTA in sharing the knowledge of the classical Arts to all the students at LIOTA and the sheer effort that goes into the training by the teachers in achieving a performance level of the students he witnessed during the show.  The audience was mesmerized by Shri Ganesh Kumar’s impromptu rendition of a shloka on Lord Krishna,” Kasturi Tilakam…..”.

The show started with the grand vocal music presentation with Sivaprasad ji in carnatic shaili and Smt Madhushree ji in the Hindustani shaili and their students.

The students of LIOTA showcased all forms of Indian classical dances like Kathak Mohiniattam and Odissi and music like Hindustani and Carnatic vical. The Lavanyam Awardees were

Dr Sandhya Purecha ji
” Nritya Lavanyam:
For her contribution in Natyam and Sanskrit literature.

Dr Y A Mathceswala
“Karma Lavanyam”
For the service in the field of Psychiatry and Mental health awareness.

Sakhashree Neeta
:Manasa Lavanyam”
For being an expert Rudraksh expert and Chakra Yog healer.

Architect Neha Chopra
” Lakshya Lavanyam:
For empowering young women offering free design courses and jobs.

Satish Krishnamurthy
“Laya Lavanyam:
For his expertise in percussion music.

Yogesh Patkar
“Udaya Lavanyam”
For Bollywood choreography.

“Lavanyam” is the celebration of Arts and an opportunity to honour the very meritorious achievers in their respective fields. LIOTA conducted its Annual day in a very special way and for the first time recognized many champions from different fields of Music Dance, architecture,mental health, spirituality and Choreography.

Sakhashree Neeta expressed her gratitude and said that music is the path to divinity. “Music includes chanting of mantras and rendering of shlokas which create positive vibration”, She was astounded to the extent of training the students of Liota had received and congratulated Shashi and Sivaprasad for bringing such a wonderful centre of the Arts in the Vidyavihar and ghatkopar areas. She urged the parents to continue to send their children to learn the divine art forms from LIOTA.

Shri Satish Krishnamurthy humbly accepted the award and shared an anecdote, “when I was a young 20 something in shorts, Sivaprasad ji told me that I need more practice and today I am here because of that practice.”
Satish ji then rendered a tala laya sequence in his inimitable style and won the hearts of the people. Sivaprasad ji and Satish ji have accompanied Shashi Ramesh for her Bharatanatyam presentations in many programs across the country.

Another wonderful aspect that most guests and audience saw was the respect with each faculty of LIOTA got a humble chance to honour their own guru marking the Guru Shishya parampara. It was so touching and overwhelming to watch the faculty of LIOTA taking blessings from their Gurus who were present for the show. The Guests of honour included Bhavana Shah ji who heads the Tejas Foundation which does a lot of philanthropic work towards classical dance,
Guru Smt Mukta Joshi ji, Guru Smt Geeta Vijayshankar ji, Representing Guru Smt Asha Nambiar was her senior disciple Ms. Komal Joglekar ji who came to support LIOTA.
Shri M K.Patel graced the event as a special guest for Liota’s LAVANYAM !

This was a one-of-a-kind Annual day celebration never done before for any of the dance and Music schools. Parents were very emotional to watch their children perform to live music by the very renowned Shri Sivaprasad NN on vocal, Shri Satish Krishnamurthy on the Mrudangam with Smt. Shashi a senior disciple of SNA Awardee Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy on the nattuvangam.This showed the dedication of the teacher to train little children perform to live orchestra.
In kathak Shri koustubh Talekar accompanied the Smt. Anjali on padhant.
Smt Sangeetha Rajiv and Ms Urja Desai offered their support to students of Mohiniattam and Odissi at Liota.
There was a Bollywood dance performance with some differently abled children with regular students of LIOTA. This was supported by SFA (Shrutilaya Fine Arts foundation) and Ms Richa Mukherjee.

LIOTA offers both offline and online classes for dance and music. As well as therapy for all ages for mental and emotional challenges faced by school going children and adults in the corporate world.For enquiries visit or contact 9820464229

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