22 Y/O Ammar Malik – Self Made Digital Media Entrepreneur from Pakistan marks his presence internationally.

By Nikhil Singla

The 22-year-old achieved what many people, especially in his part of the country, strive to achieve almost their whole lives – financial stability.
Here’s the link to reach Ammar – https://instagram.com/ammarmalik.world

Ammar, who had a passion for business and innovation, started experimenting very early in his life around the age of 17. He initially saved and invested in a small business which failed after some time.

About this first experience, Ammar says “It was my first ever business model and everything looked good on paper but I lacked in execution due to little experience. Nevertheless, it was my first taste of business – a thrilling learning experience. So much so that even after I failed, I had decided to continue with another business”.

Skip to three years plus several other learning experiences later, today Ammar Malik is the co-founder of Emmistic Media (a media publishing company). Being an entrepreneur at heart, he also knows the value of diversified investment, so Ammar also owns a web-agency, a small but rapidly growing entertainment company.

“Diversification is key if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Never put all your eggs in one basket, we’ve all heard this at some point in our lives.”

Ammar Malik and his businesses own several social media pages which extend their reach to millions of audiences all around the world. Now that we know who Ammar Malik is, let’s see how he became what he is today.

“A mature digital marketing executive knows that number of likes/subscribers of a page/account contribute very little to overall performance. A high number of likes/subs doesn’t necessarily guarantee higher earnings. But it’s not completely worthless, and like it or not, potential followers do look at the number of your followers/subs before following. Moreover, a higher number of followers also mean a higher potential reach. Post content that entices people to share. I almost always gain a wave of followers whenever one of my videos gets shared widely. Pay attention to the posts your audience likes most and recreate it. Don’t just stop at one theme or one specific category of content. Experiment with your content and observe what is being received well and what’s not.” Quoted Ammar when asked about the hardest step in this entire process.

To know more about Ammar Malik visit – https://instagram.com/ammarmalik.world

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